Santa María Huatulco (en náhuatl: Kwahtolko (Place where the wood is worshiped) is a town in the Mexican state of Oaxaca, located on the Oaxacan Coast. It was founded on January 8, 1539, although there are signs and testimonies that it may have been founded earlier (around 1522), by Pedro de Alvarado and has a population of 7,409 habitants.
It is the head of the municipality of the same name and in whose territory is located the tourist destination known as Bahías de Huatulco. On January 8, 2019 it celebrated the 480th anniversary of its titling as a town.


"The international organization Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) awarded the Chahué and Dreams Tangolunda beaches in Huatulco, the 2018-2019 Blue Flag certification or recertification."

The Blue Flag eco-label is awarded to destinations that manage to accredit 33 criteria for environmental management and management, safety, implementation of environmental education activities and water quality. This places Huatulco as a first level destination in the care of its environment.


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